Meet Henrik Krijnen

Meet Henrik Krijnen

Nice to meet you! I am Henrik Krijnen, the owner of World Wine & Whisky.

My story starts many years ago, when, as a teenager, the world of exclusive wine and whisky piqued my curiosity. As you can imagine, I could never afford those at that time. Nevertheless, I started my research and bought one bottle at a time from my monthly salary. Slowly, my knowledge increased through hard work and I got to meet people from all over the world, traveled to many parts of the world and got to know the whisky-society and community. 

Now, after long years of perseverance, I can finally say that my hobby became my work. My network has increased as has my collection of fine and rare wine and whiskies. This is all thanks to the investors who saw my potential, my family, friends and my partner who have supported me throughout.

The webshop has been online since July 2017. We are offering a unique selection of wines and whiskies to our customers. We also hope to function as a spindle in our network and are constantly looking for the best of the best and the ones that are hard to find.


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